Hi, I'm Jocelyn - a mom, educator, certified holistic health coach and founder of House of Sol.  


I am also a HUGE fan of food and joyful movement and a big believer in the innate power and wisdom within every woman to transform their health, achieve happiness and create a life beyond her wildest dreams!


I am on a mission to support women in their journey towards living their healthiest and happiest lives by empowering them to regain control of their thoughts, be kind to their bodies and let their souls shine bright!

Diet culture and the societal standards of beauty that plague us all have done some serious damage to our relationships with food and exercise and the way we feel in our bodies. Our work together will transform the way you approach food and exercise so that you can create practices and routines that are sustainable and healthy for your mind+body+soul. 


My Relationship with Food and Exercise

Ever since I was a little girl, dinner time was my favorite time! Meals and family gatherings centered around foods that were celebrations of taste and written in my grandmother's handwriting that exuded love and comfort. Food was a happy and healthy place, something that both nourished by body and pleased my soul. I had an intuitive approach to eating a balanced diet, and while I had an evolving knowledge of nutrition, I never obsessed over what I ate or thought about the calories I consumed. Food came with freedom. 

Exercise and playful movement were also an intricate part of my childhood. My younger brother and I were involved in sports and activities all year long and play, to us, meant organizing a capture the flag game in our big backyard or playing street hockey in the cul-de-sac with the neighbor boys. My mom modeled an active lifestyle, and besides running 5 miles each morning before work, she was always taking us on biking, rollerblading and hiking adventures. We learned from a young age to enjoy an active lifestyle and that movement and exercise came in many forms. Movement was never evaluated by calories burned but rather how much fun I had doing it. Exercise came with freedom. 

A Few Detours and Pivotal Moments...

                that brought me to where I am today:) 


History of House of Sol

HOUSE of SOL was founded in 2015 as Female Fitness and Empowerment, an after school program run through the Beacons Boys & Girls Club at Patrick Henry High School in North Minneapolis.  This program was created to teach girls how to exercise, weight train and navigate the weight room as a means to improving their physical and emotional wellbeing.  


The goal of the program was to equip young women with the knowledge and confidence to develop healthy living practices they could take with them beyond high school. To graduate knowing how to eat with purpose and pleasure and how to lift weights and not feel intimidated in a weight room, a  historically male dominated space.  Beyond the weight room, girls also learned the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet.     The group also created a safe space for the girls to share and discuss the insecurities and challenges they face as young women in today’s society and also encouraged each other to strengthen their mind, body and soul by setting goals and doing something everyday to accomplish those.

In 2019 the program expanded to include female staff members as well.


as a community center to be able to provide more services as a response to the growing interest to participate in the program.  Being housed in the high school, resources were limited….

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